Potential Clients

East Bay Mobile Recording | Music
East Bay Mobile Recording | Video

Potential clients include:

  • All performers, vocalists, musicians, choirs, bands and orchestras of all kinds
  • Songwriters, lyricists, poets, comedians, motivational speakers, authors, teachers
  • Producers and directors for film and TV
  • Organizers of conferences, workshops, seminars and webinars
  • Both professionals and semi-professionals
  • All ages, genres and styles

Reasons to record:

Auditions and Demos
   ~To provide a sample

Create Professional CDs and DVDs
   ~To sell
   ~For Press Kits


Recitals, audio dramas, stage productions and books
   ~For schools
   ~Fund raising

Of course, the reasons are endless!
We refine your live recording so it sounds like you were in a studio!