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Get Studio Sound Out of a Live Recording!

Your focus should be on your performance!

With a live audience, you feed off their excitement ... creating more authenticity and a better experience. You simply cannot get this in a studio environment.

Plus, we can sweeten the sound in post production for a finished product that will make you proud!

With over 50 years of industry sound and engineering expertise, we guarantee to capture all the energy and excitement of your next live performance!

About EBMR

East Bay Mobile Recording | About Us

Paul (P-Dub) Woycheshin and Susan Harlow-Schott have teamed up to create great recordings with the most natural sound possible.


East Bay Mobile Recording | Services

East Bay Mobile Recording features a wide array of services to provide the finest in recording, mixing, and mastering at affordable rates.

Potential Clients

East Bay Mobile Recording | Potential Clients

Musicians, bands, performers, speakers, teachers, film/TV producers, conference organizers, professional/amateur.